Urban Ed has implemented a unique approach to our technology programs by using the computer to enrich children by at least one letter grade during the summer months. A fully aligned curriculum with the Common Core standards for children in grades K - 2, we are taking technology to a new height for urban children. Our summer camp program is for children ages 5-7 and/or going to kindergarten, first grade or second grade. The grade level is a mandatory requirement for enrollment. Only children going to K-2 grades for the upcoming school year will be enrolled.

Generally, when children enroll in our program they are only about 40% ready for their grade. However, after completing our program they are between 75-80% ready. This advancement has been instrumental in helping many children stay ahead in school.

Enrollment is now CLOSED. Check back in February for the summer 2020 program.

Urban Ed's Lil Bitties program was featured on WUSA-TV Channel 9's "Friday's Heroes!"

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