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very donation makes a difference!

For $55 you can provide a textbook for an unemployed parent to learn the IT trade.
For $100 you can provide 1 year of access to online remedial education for teens and young adults to improve reading and math.

For $500 you can provide all reading books for 25 Lil Bitties to improve literacy during our summer enrichment.

Unemployment is over 30% and parents in our neighborhoods need jobs but to get good paying jobs they need skills training. Help the unemployed to become certified technicians and earn family sustaining wages to avoid homelessness and change the cycle of poverty.

Our teens are dropping out of school at alarming rates and truancy is high with over 680 teens not attending school on any given day. Help our teens change their risky behaviors and stay in school, graduate and contribute to society in positive ways.

More than 80% of our children cannot read or do math proficiently by the time they reach the 4th grade. Help us enrich children in kindergarten through 3rd grade by one letter grade each summer.

Every donation counts and makes a difference!

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